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Rosedale Acupuncture Clinic could help you to boost your energy and get your mood and body back into balance. We can treat internal disorders and any types of pain using acupuncture (filiform needles), moxiburstion (warming acupuncture points), tuina massage (Chinese medical massage), cupping and herbal medicines. These tool are applied together with other tools listed above in combination, depending on the condition of individual and diseases. We provide a full range of oriental medical services as a holistic treatment

We are the fully qualified team and registered with the New Zealand Register of Acupuncturists (NZRA) or NZASA. We offer free initial consultations for new customers and free ongoing treatment for ACC clients. We have been practicing here since 2012 with clients of multi-national people. Basil HJ Jung is the leader practitioner who has a variety of experience.

Practitioner Basil HJ Jung

BHSc of Acupuncture
& Diploma of Herbal Medicine
NZ Registered Acupuncturist(NZRA)
Email: rosedaletcm@gmail.com
Phone: 09 476 0089
Mobile: 021 0224 4814
  • Tel : 09 476 0089 Mobile: 021 0224 4814 Unit L 6 Rosedale Rd. Pinehill North Shore Auckland

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